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East Coast Whale Entanglement Mitigation Program

Posted: 12/19/19

As Humpback whale populations in the southern hemisphere recover from past commercial whaling, the potential for interactions between whales and commercial fishing operations is increasing, with most entanglements occurring since 2006. The majority of entanglement incidents involve Humpback whales, a species listed as Vulnerable under the...

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Fishing and conservation working together

Posted: 05/30/18

A spike in sea urchin population in the Gippsland’s Corner Inlet has led to a partnership between conservationists and local professional fishers. The Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park, a Ramsar-listed site, has had a huge unexplained spike in the native purple-spined sea urchins population. This led...

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Could you use less plastic? Of course!

Posted: 05/29/18

Let’s face it we can all make small changes to reduce the amount of plastics in our lives. Australia alone uses 6.9 billion plastic bags a year dumping 36,700 tonnes of plastic bags into our landfill every year. Governments and businesses have a duty to take...

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AMSN Network Conference 2018

Posted: 04/30/18

The Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network conference (AMSN) bought together professional researchers, managers,officers and environmental consultants, as well as community enthusiasts from around Australia to talk facts about the state of mangrove and saltmarsh tidal wetland habitats around the country. The vast array of ecosystems found...

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Fancy meeting some sea creatures? Australia’s best rockpools

Posted: 01/03/18

Need a refreshing location to beat the heat and discover something new? Tidal pools are a mecca for marine life providing a home for many hardy organisms such as starfish, crabs and anemone. Inhabitants living in these marine habitats deal with a harsh environment. Frequent water...

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Everybody is responsible for healthy oceans #OceanPledge

Posted: 11/21/17

With our natural resources facing increasing pressure the task of keeping our oceans, waterways and habitats healthy is an ongoing issue. Whilst some environmental drives seek to highlight an important issue they can in the process distance or vilify other key stakeholders that have an important...

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NSW Oyster Conference a hit

Posted: 08/29/17

Oyster producers from all over NSW have descended on Merimbula this week for the biennial NSW Oyster Conference held at the Pambula Merimbula Golf Club. Over 200 oyster farmers, trade suppliers and associated organisations attended providing a unique opportunity for producers to share, learn and connect...

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Double sea turtle rescue

Posted: 08/01/17

Photo courtesy of Echonet Daily Two sea turtles rescued in South Australia late last year are being released back in to the wild in Ballina. Australian Seabird Rescue volunteers released the turtles, which were flown to Ballina just over a week ago to be released in...

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Is wave energy conversion the future of Australia’s coastal towns?

Posted: 07/23/17

With 85% of Australia’s population living on coastal strips around the country, our energy needs are putting more and more pressure on coastal habitat areas. Coastal population growth exerts pressure on coastal land increasing need for agriculture and housing at the expense of natural habitats &...

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New reef trials installed in estuaries around NSW

Posted: 07/23/17

Fish hotels in the form of Oyster shell in Coir fibre bags have been installed in key estuary locations around NSW. These structures will be key to providing erosion control and fish habitat restoration in intertidal locations. Several sites in NSW have been selected where there...

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