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SIA Launches ‘Our Pledge’

Posted: 11/07/19

Seafood Industry Australia officially launched ‘Our Pledge’on the 24th of October. ’Our Pledge’ is the Australian seafood industries’ commitment to the community, and to each other, that they will do the right thing to ensure a vibrant future for the sector, and keep putting the best...

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Everybody is responsible for healthy oceans #OceanPledge

Posted: 11/21/17

With our natural resources facing increasing pressure the task of keeping our oceans, waterways and habitats healthy is an ongoing issue. Whilst some environmental drives seek to highlight an important issue they can in the process distance or vilify other key stakeholders that have an important...

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Waste from the wine industry is being developed into aquaculture feed

Posted: 06/19/17

No longer do we need any more excuses to open another bottle of wine, because thanks to the great people at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)and Barossa Valley company Tarac Technologies wine waste is being used to make aquaculture feed even more sustainable....

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How can algae power my car?

Posted: 05/04/17

Have you ever been swimming in a river or the ocean and felt something slimy brush up against you? Whilst terrifying and potentially making you exit the water, Algae could in the future be responsible for powering your car, home and contribute to reducing emissions into...

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Why does aquaculture matter in NSW?

Posted: 02/24/17

With increasing demand for high quality seafood, aquaculture is a growing industry in NSW. Aquaculture has been undertaken in a number of countries around the world and has grown rapidly worldwide in the last 50 years. FAO reports that world aquaculture production increased substantially since 1950...

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