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Marine NRM Coastal Directory – Connecting Expertise


Marine NRM Coastal Directory is designed to connect people and skill sets reducing silos between disciplines. This free register, publicly available on the OceanWatch website, is an easy way to engage new colleagues and extend your network, helping to fuel the growth of Australia's blue-green innovations. Key information on Researchers, Natural Resource Management Agents and Suppliers working in the marine environment, are now accessible in one place.


To be listed in the directory, you will need to create an account on the Marine NRM Coastal Directory page. After filling out the online form, OceanWatch staff will process your entry and add it to the register as soon as possible.

You can update your information at any time by logging in to your account on the directory page. You are responsible to keep your data up to date.


OceanWatch cares about data protection. That is why we developed a Privacy Policy which gives you a simple overview of your personal information's rights. No contact details will be visible on the directory page.

To use truncation, enter the root of a word. The database will return results that include any ending of that root word.


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