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Need a refreshing location to beat the heat and discover something new?

Tidal pools are a mecca for marine life providing a home for many hardy organisms such as starfish, crabs and anemone.
Inhabitants living in these marine habitats deal with a harsh environment. Frequent water temperature changes, waves, exposure to midday sun and predators are just some of the challenges.

The good news is you can explore these magical spots with relative ease! Here are some of Australia’s best tidal pools to explore

1. Giles Baths, Coogee, Sydney

Lying in the eastern suburbs of Sydney is Giles Baths, a gem along the stunning coast. A large rock pool, with rocks for climbing is set away from the hustle and bustle of Coogee beach.

2. The Bogey Hole ,Newcastle,NSW

Next to the ocean a large and enclosed rock pool space sits. With an incredible history dating back to 1820, kids will enjoy exploring every crevice of this rock pool with endless ocean stretching out in front of it.

3. Snapper Rocks rock pool, Goldcoast QLD

Snapper Rocks is a small rocky outcrop at the southern end of Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a famous surf break all year round but when the tide goes down this is the perfect spot to search for marine life or relax in one of the small spa shaped pools.

4. Fairy Pools, Noosa,QLD

The Fairy Pools are two natural tidal pools lying low between the basalt rocks just west of the tip of the headland at the eastern end of Granite Bay, near Noosa. The smaller pool (to the west) is only separated from the ocean at low tide but the larger one may still be usable at high tide when the swell is smaller and fewer waves crash over the rocks to refill the pool. It is worth bringing goggles or a snorkel and mask since at low tide, when the pools are cut off and there is less turbulence, you will be able to see several kinds of coral and sponges making for a beautiful display growing on the rocks.

5. Flinders Rock Pools , Melbourne, VIC

Just 1 hour and 20 minutes south from the city, the coastline here is littered with amazing rock pools unlike anywhere else in Australia. You will be certain the finds some tidal pool treasures or relax in one of the larger pools.

6. Aldinga Reef,SA

Aldinga Reef Sanctuary Zone is also part of Encounter Marine Park.Take a wander through the Aldinga Reef rock pools at low tide. You might spot sea stars, crabs, urchins, different types of algae and sea grass pools.

7. Greens Pool, WA, Denmark

Fifteen kilometers to the west of Denmark is a beautiful, magical beach called Greens Pool in William Bay National Park.
Almost completely sheltered from the waves of the Great Southern Ocean by the rounded rock boulders typical to this area, Greens Pool is paradise. Walking into the water, you will notice the long gradual slope, allowing children of all ages to experience the ocean in an safe and comfortable environment.

Safety Tips

Respect Marine life and be careful not to touch sea urchins, blue bottles, octopus or any other creature you are unsure of.

Research the tides for the day don’t get caught out on the incoming swell

Rock pools are slippery be careful

Wear protective water booties

Stay far from the rockpool edge where waves can unexpectedly lap

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