National Marine NRM | Oceanwatch Australia

In 2014 the Australian Government recognised OceanWatch as the national organisation responsible for the delivery of its marine Natural Resource Management (NRM) related programs.

OceanWatch Australia is one of the 54 NRM regions in Australia but the only marine-focused resource management organisation. With a diverse range of stakeholders and relationships within the salt water community spanning over 30 years, we believe the specialist knowledge of the salt water community is vital to regional NRM planning, decisions and activities and that wealth of information can support environmental program success.

OceanWatch has been protecting biodiversity and threatened species, and restoring important marine habitats for the benefit of the Australian marine environment since 1989.
With the adoption of best practices for fishing and aquaculture, the encouragement of stewardship actions amongst coastal and marine users, and advocacy and support for works to protect, rehabilitate, restore and enhance the marine environment as the core focus, OceanWatch embarked upon its role as Australia's Marine Natural Resource Management organisation.

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