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East Coast Whale Entanglement Mitigation Program

Posted: 12/19/19

As Humpback whale populations in the southern hemisphere recover from past commercial whaling, the potential for interactions between whales and commercial fishing operations is increasing, with most entanglements occurring since 2006. The majority of entanglement incidents involve Humpback whales, a species listed as Vulnerable under the...

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Historic NRM moment

Posted: 05/31/18

At the recent NRM Regions Australia Meeting of the Chairs’ in Darwin, an update of the MOU was signed by Peter Bridgewater, Chair and a co-signer of the National Landcare Network on behalf of NRM Regions Australia. NRM Regions Australia is the representative group of the...

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Sydney’s ocean loving Chinese take on marine conservation role

Posted: 04/06/17

Marine conservation is a complex topic which can be made more complicated by language barriers. That’s why Sydney’s Chinese community have been rolling up their sleeves for the past year to encourage better stewardship and conservation of the local marine environment, under the Aquatic Champion program...

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This is your chance to decide on the future of Australia’s marine environment

Posted: 03/28/17

OceanWatch Australia has been protecting biodiversity and threatened species for the benefit of the Australian marine environment since 1989. We work to encourage the adoption of best practices for fishing and aquaculture, the encouragement of stewardship actions amongst coastal and marine users, and undertaking works to...

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Are you passionate about the environment?

Posted: 03/20/17

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? Do you watch documentaries and public speakers inspiring others to be good earth citizens and think you could do that too? Well here is your chance. Landcare Illawarra & Intrepid Landcare are looking for young people aged 18-35...

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The young future of sustainable fishing

Posted: 03/15/17

As the sun rises over the early morning silence of the Hawkesbury River and the clouds reflect off the perfectly still water, you might mistake this place as some sort of heaven. For young Paul Aquilina and his best mate Skipper it might as well be....

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