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World Fisheries Day

Posted: 11/20/20

As we celebrate World Fisheries Day the OceanWatch Master Fisherman program is helping to recognise professional fishers for their efforts to raise the standard of responsible fishing in Australia with the release of our Master Fisherman video. These fisherman showcase the drive for sustainability and environmental...

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East Coast Whale Entanglement Mitigation Program

Posted: 12/19/19

As Humpback whale populations in the southern hemisphere recover from past commercial whaling, the potential for interactions between whales and commercial fishing operations is increasing, with most entanglements occurring since 2006. The majority of entanglement incidents involve Humpback whales, a species listed as Vulnerable under the...

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SIA Launches ‘Our Pledge’

Posted: 11/07/19

Seafood Industry Australia officially launched ‘Our Pledge’on the 24th of October. ’Our Pledge’ is the Australian seafood industries’ commitment to the community, and to each other, that they will do the right thing to ensure a vibrant future for the sector, and keep putting the best...

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NSW Government partners with OceanWatch to drive ‘best practice’ in NSW seafood

Posted: 07/20/18

OceanWatch is thrilled with the announcement that the NSW Government is investing in the Master Fisherman Program. The program is a joint initiative between industry and government and is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and professionalism of local fishers. Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair,...

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Tales of a Trapman – A sustainable fishing narrative

Posted: 05/30/18

The blue waters off the coast of New South Wales teem with marine life that support the livelihoods of professional fishers. For Jason Moyce or Trapman as some know him, it has been a way of life for the last 30 years. Saltwater runs deep in...

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Fishing and conservation working together

Posted: 05/30/18

A spike in sea urchin population in the Gippsland’s Corner Inlet has led to a partnership between conservationists and local professional fishers. The Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park, a Ramsar-listed site, has had a huge unexplained spike in the native purple-spined sea urchins population. This led...

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Professional fisherman takes an #OceanPledge

Posted: 02/27/18

Ocean sustainability has fast become one of the most important issues of the century and we are all responsible for the health of our oceans, which is why we are pleased to have Paul Aquilina a professional Australian fisherman on board to take his #OceanPledge. Paul...

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Everybody is responsible for healthy oceans #OceanPledge

Posted: 11/21/17

With our natural resources facing increasing pressure the task of keeping our oceans, waterways and habitats healthy is an ongoing issue. Whilst some environmental drives seek to highlight an important issue they can in the process distance or vilify other key stakeholders that have an important...

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Something to give a Carp about

Posted: 08/08/17

Carp are one of the most destructive introduced pest species in Australia and have caused major damage to native fish populations and the water quality of our waterways. But for commercial Carp fishers John and Peter Ingram business is booming and their efforts have a positive...

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Seismic survey death waves killing the building blocks of life

Posted: 06/23/17

Deafening sound waves created during offshore surveys for oil and gas can kill microscopic plankton, according to a new study. The research showed significant impacts on the target species – with a two to three-fold increase in mortality of adult and larval zooplankton. How do seismic...

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