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Everybody is responsible for healthy oceans #OceanPledge

Posted: 11/21/17

With our natural resources facing increasing pressure the task of keeping our oceans, waterways and habitats healthy is an ongoing issue. Whilst some environmental drives seek to highlight an important issue they can in the process distance or vilify other key stakeholders that have...

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Something to give a Carp about

Posted: 08/08/17

Carp are one of the most destructive introduced pest species in Australia and have caused major damage to native fish populations and the water quality of our waterways. But for commercial Carp fishers John and Peter Ingram business is booming and their efforts have...

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Seismic survey death waves killing the building blocks of life

Posted: 06/23/17

Deafening sound waves created during offshore surveys for oil and gas can kill microscopic plankton, according to a new study. The research showed significant impacts on the target species – with a two to three-fold increase in mortality of adult and larval zooplankton. How...

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Waste from the wine industry is being developed into aquaculture feed

Posted: 06/19/17

No longer do we need any more excuses to open another bottle of wine, because thanks to the great people at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)and Barossa Valley company Tarac Technologies wine waste is being used to make aquaculture feed even...

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Aussie fishers take on ocean plastics

Posted: 06/08/17

“We care about the ocean too” Professional fishers are turning the tide against ocean plastics

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Waging the war against White Spot

Posted: 05/29/17

With 2137 km of Coast line ahead of him and a passion for protecting our wild catch fisheries, Michael our program manager has been working with the Professional Fishermens Association (PFA), Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) and the New South Wales Department of Primary...

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Mobile app launched to protect Australian fisheries and aquaculture

Posted: 05/08/17

Australia’s fishing industry is valued at $2.8 billion and support jobs, regional communities and food security. We think that that is something worth protecting and this new innovation that is aimed at protecting Australia’s Aquaculture and wild catch fisheries. The Department of Agriculture and...

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Crusading against White Spot

Posted: 04/27/17

This week our program manager Woody eagerly visited over 90 commercial fishermen up and down the NSW coast educating them on how they can help stop the spread of White Spot (a condition that to causes sudden death in crustaceans). With White Spot now...

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How can recreational fishers help stop the spread of White Spot Disease?

Posted: 04/05/17

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is implementing an expanded movement control zone to contain the spread of White Spot Disease that wiped out several prawn farms in South East Queensland. Recreational fishers are in a strong position to help stop the spread...

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The young future of sustainable fishing

Posted: 03/15/17

As the sun rises over the early morning silence of the Hawkesbury River and the clouds reflect off the perfectly still water, you might mistake this place as some sort of heaven. For young Paul Aquilina and his best mate Skipper it might as...

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