OceanWatch Australia

Our vision: Australia’s marine ecosystems are healthy, productive, valued; and used in a responsible way

OceanWatch Australia Ltd is a national not-for-profit environmental company that works to advance sustainability in the Australian seafood industry.  OceanWatch key activities involve:

  • enhancing fish habitats and improving water quality in estuaries and coastal environments;
  • working with industry and local communities to minimise environmental impacts;
  • introducing industry and communities to sustainable technologies and behaviours.

To achieve these positive outcomes, OceanWatch Australia works in partnership with the Australian seafood industry, federal and state governments, natural resource managers, private enterprise and local communities.

OceanWatch Australia has three funding sources; a voluntary contribution from the seafood industry, federal and state government grants and through fundraising activities.

OceanWatch look forward to celebrating our 25th year of operation in 2014, and will continue to work co-operatively with all stakeholders to achieve our vision-

OceanWatch Australia. Steward of Australia s marine environment