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5 ways industry is keeping seafood sustainable in Australia for #SustainableSeafoodWeek

In honour of celebrating #SustainableSeafoodWeek we have listed five ways Australian fishermen are keeping our seafood at world class sustainability levels. 1. Turtle excluder devices In response to injury and death of Turtles in trawl […]

Why do we love beaches and not care for wetlands?

Scientists filled the seats of the Australian Saltmarsh and Mangrove network conference last week in Hobart to discuss the challenges and solutions for protecting our amazing coastal frontiers. There was a major theme for the […]

This is your chance to decide on the future of Australia’s marine environment

OceanWatch Australia has been protecting biodiversity and threatened species for the benefit of the Australian marine environment since 1989. We work to encourage the adoption of best practices for fishing and aquaculture, the encouragement of […]

Could Cyclone Debbie stop the Great Barrier Reef bleaching?

It is no secret the Great Barrier Reef has suffered greatly through the harsh Australia summer this year with the most significant bleaching event on record taking place right on our doorstep, but could Cyclone […]

Think you’re sick of the rain? Think of the fish

Is the current climate of constant rain in NSW getting to you? Is that side ways rain getting under your umbrella? Well, spare a thought for the fish that perish because of large downpours. This […]

Are you passionate about the environment?

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? Do you watch documentaries and public speakers inspiring others to be good earth citizens and think you could do that too? Well here is your chance. Landcare […]

#Sustainablefish of the week

Every week we bring to you a #Sustainablefish of the week today we feature Zeus faber, or better known by its common name of John Dory. It is listed as Fully Fished by the Department […]

Amazing green marine species for your St Patrick’s day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! In celebration we are featuring all things green the ocean has to offer. Costasiella Kuroshimae (above) The Sea sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae) is a sea slug that which can grow up to […]

How Aussie fishermen are protecting sea birds

It is easy to get caught up in the headlines of the negative environmental press and feel like locking oneself in a dark room. Rarely do we hear about the small wins of locals that […]

6 awesome programs tackling ocean plastics

Ocean plastics are the grown-up version of microplastics small plastic particles in the environment that are generally smaller than 1 mm (0.039 in) down to the micrometer range. This plague of epic proportions is not […]

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