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Cooking Seafood

Cooking Seafood Most species lend themselves to a wide variety of cooking styles. With a little guidance, seafood is one of the easiest foods to cook – so feel free to experiment….and enjoy! Select a recipe from the list. Learn more and try some great seafood recipes from the Sydney Fish Market.

Storing Seafood

Storing Seafood Seafood begins to deteriorate as soon as it is caught and killed, this is irreversible during storage. We can’t stop product from deteriorating, but we can control the rate that product deteriorates. Freshly caught seafood To maximise the quality and shelf life of your seafood, place your catch in an ice slurry, or …

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Standard Fish Names

Standard Fish Names Australia has over 5000 native species of fish, and many more crustaceans and molluscs. Several hundred of these species are important commercially, and many others support recreational activities such as fishing and diving.   There has long been confusion over fish names in Australia. Species were often known by more than one …

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Understanding Barotrauma Fish that are rapidly retrieved from depths greater than 10 metres do not have time to adjust to water pressure changes, resulting in the expansion of gases in the swim bladder and other organs. These rapid pressure changes can cause fish to suffer a range of injuries, known as barotrauma. Physical effects of …

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Get involved in citizen science

Get involved in Citizen Science Citizen science is a partnership between individuals and scientists for investigating pressing questions about the world. By providing information to marine scientists, your data can help further our understanding of the marine environment and lead to better management decisions. Redmap (Range Extension Database & Mapping project) invites the Australian community …

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Seafood and Health

Quick facts about seafood and your health Fish does not lose its omega-3 health benefits by being canned Seafood is the best food source of iodineSaltwater seafood has about twice as much iodine as freshwater species. Finfish has long been recognised as a high protein, low calorie foodIt is becoming better understood that seafood can …

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