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Crusading against White Spot

This week our program manager Woody eagerly visited over 90 commercial fishermen up and down the NSW coast educating them on how they can help stop the spread of White Spot (a condition that to causes sudden death in crustaceans).

With White Spot now detected in the Moreton Bay region containment is now the most important factor in keeping White Spot out of wild Prawn, Crab, Marine Worm and Yabby populations. Woody’s tour began in Sydney and visited 6 different ports on the NSW coast providing fishermen with information and rules about dealing with White Spot .

“The reception has been really positive and the fishermen are committed to keeping White Spot out of their fishery” Said Woody

Face to face contact is the most effective means of communication in the fishing industry as un-socialble hours and time away at sea can often inhibit important information getting through to the right people.

“It’s great Woody has come to the Port to get the information to us otherwise i would’nt have heard there had been an outbreak now i can take some steps to help stop the spread” Said NSW Commercial Fisherman

Only time will tell the full impact of White Spot on QLD fisheries but thankfully partnering with the Professional Fishermen’s Association (PFA) has made it possible to get the word out to key fishing community members.

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