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#Sustainablefish of the week

Every week we bring to you a #Sustainablefish of the week today we feature Scomberomorus commerson, or better known by its common name of Spanish Mackerel. It is listed as Fully Fished by the Department of Primary Industries which means the current catches and fishing pressure are sustainable.

Spanish Mackerel live up to 15 years they’re found from through Northern WA, to NT and tropical QLD. They are offshore, pelagic (surface-dwelling) fish and live around offshore and coastal reefs.

They can grow up to about 2.4 m and weigh more than 40 kg. Spanish mackerel have long, narrow bodies. They are dark blue along the top, becoming silvery towards the centre and underneath.

Spanish mackerel are ferocious predators and will eat smaller fish like anchovies, herring, and sardines, as well as squid and prawns. Their predators are larger mackerel and Atlantic cod, flocks of seabirds, as well as whales, dolphins, sharks and schools of larger fish, tuna and marlin follow mackerel schools and attack them in sophisticated and cooperative ways.

Interesting fact: They are fast growing species which reach over 40 cm in the first year.

You can meet some of your local Australian Fishermen here and learn about who is catching Spanish Mackerel and where.

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