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The young future of sustainable fishing

By Ocean Watch | 15/03/2017

As the sun rises over the early morning silence of the Hawkesbury River and the clouds reflect off the perfectly still water, you might mistake this place as some sort of heaven. For young Paul Aquilina and his best mate Skipper it might as well be. When the thoughts of a fisherman comes to mind […]

Why does aquaculture matter in NSW?

By Ocean Watch | 24/02/2017

With increasing demand for high quality seafood, aquaculture is a growing industry in NSW. Aquaculture has been undertaken in a number of countries around the world and has grown rapidly worldwide in the last 50 years. FAO reports that world aquaculture production increased substantially since 1950 from one million tonnes production to 67 million tonnes […]

Students think critically about the Australian Seafood Industry

By Ocean Watch | 29/09/2016

During August and September 2015, two OceanWatch Australia staff delivered 4 presentations to a total of 160 students from The University of Western Sydney at the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont. This year in September the talks have continued with two of our program managers Simon and Michael providing a balanced view of the sustainability of the […]

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