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The end of an era, but a lifetime of legacy

There are all kinds of opportunities in life and sometimes those opportunities allow us to make an amazing impact in local communities and support those who need specialist guidance. That is why our Executive Director Brad Warren will be sorely missed when he departs the helm of OceanWatch Australia at the end of June 2017.

For 14 years Brad has been a fantastic leader. His unwavering resolve for the job and his love of the Australian Seafood Industry has helped shape the organisation OceanWatch is today. With 25 year’s experience as a professional fisher, he has bought knowledge, passion and charisma to his role allowing the general public to connect with professional fishers and also represent industry and its people in the best way possible.

Brad was awarded the NSW Seafood Industry Star of the Sea Award in 2015 at the Seafood Excellence Awards for his service to the NSW seafood industry. He has been a director of NSW Seafood Industry Council, a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2002.

“These achievements and contributions mark a strong legacy for the industry. Brad’s ability to support and be an agent of positive change will be felt for many years to come. Brad can look back at his time with OceanWatch and be proud that he leaves the organisation in a better state than when he started. We thank Brad for his commitment and wish him well into the future as he returns to life on the seas as a proud professional fisher” said Geoff Blackburn, Chair of OceanWatch Australia.

Executive Officer, Lowri Pryce and the OceanWatch team will continue the work of OceanWatch as the national marine natural resource management group – building networks, and encouraging collaboration and community engagement across Australia’s saltwater community and seafood industry.

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