OceanWatch Australia works with the seafood industry and the community to ensure Australia’s marine environment is healthy, productive, valued and used in a responsible way.

The following organisations are OceanWatch members, contributing vital funds and support for our work:

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SeaNet Program

Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable fisheries overview

SeaNet program overview

SeaNet program achievements flyer

SeaNet Bycatch Mitigation

SeaNet – Introducing sustainable technologies

Longline fishery bycatch mitigation

Dehookers in longline fisheries

Deep setting longline bycatch mitigation technique

Otter trawl fishery bycatch mitigation techniques

Popeye Fishbox bycatch excluder

Square mesh codend – mitigating capture of juvenile prawns

NSW Ocean Haul Fishery bycatch mitigation techniques

FRDC Final Report, Project No. 2008/036  ‘Effectiveness of larger mesh size in reducing the capture of juvenile target species in select NSW beach seine operations’

Threatened, Endangered and Protected Species Interaction Mitigation Strategies

Mitigating sea turtle interactions in crab pot fisheries – Queensland

Reducing turtle deaths in crab pot fisheries – industry solutions

Reducing interactions and capture of dolphins in gill net fisheries using acoustic mitigation devices

Acoustic device deployment guidelines

Marine Pests and Awareness, and Movement/Impact Prevention

National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pest Incursions

SeaNet – Fighting Marine Pests NT Case Study

Fishing Industry Codes of Practice

Developing fishing industry codes of practice

Western Australia – West Rock Lobster Fishery Code of Practice for Reducing Whale Entanglements

Victoria – Southern Rock Lobster Code of Practice

Northern Territory – Mud Crab Fishery Code of Practice

New South Wales Estuary General Fishery Code of Practice

New South Wales Ocean Trap and Line Fishery Code of Practice

New South Wales Ocean Trawl Fisheries Code of Practice

New South Wales Ocean Hauling Fishery Code of Practice

New South Wales Rock Lobster Fishery Code of Practice

Tasmanian Commercial Scallop Fishery Code of Practice

Fishery Environmental Management Systems

Victorian Bays and Inlets Fisheries Association Code of Practice

Northern Territory Barramundi Fishery Environmental Management System

SeaNet Fact Sheets

Australian fishing facts 2010

Australia’s marine environment and fishing facts

Management of Australia’s professional fisheries

Fisheries sustainability – Australia leads the way

SeaNet Program – Short videos

Queensland SeaNet

Prawn Trawling – Moreton Bay

Bycatch Reduction, 2013

Quality Prawn Harvest, 2013

Banana Prawn, 2013

Bay Prawn, 2013

Endeavour Prawn, 2013


King Prawn, 2013

Tiger Prawn, 2013

Mud Crab Trapping

Burdekin, 2011

Moreton Bay, 2010

Fish Meshing

Barramundi netting, 2010

Tunnel netting – Moreton Bay

Tunnel Netting, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Bream, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Flathead, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Garfish, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Rabbitfish, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Sea Mullet, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Tailor, 2012

Tunnel Netting – Whiting, 2012

Sea Turtle Satellite Tagging Research

Sea Turtle Research, 2007

New South Wales SeaNet

Estuary Prawn Trawling

Estuary Prawn Trawl, 2011

Ocean Hauling Fishery

Ocean Hauling Fishery – Mullet, 2005

Ocean Hauling – Bycatch Research, 2010

Estuary General Fishery

Blue swimmer crab trap, 2014

Eel trap, 2014

Eel Trap bycatch reduction, 2014

Fish meshing, 2014

Fish seine, 2014

Fish trap, 2014

Hand gathering beach worm, 2015

Hand gathering pipi, 2014

Mud crab trap, 2014

School prawn, 2014

Seabird mitigation, 2013

New South Wales Community engagement

Georges River estuary open day, 2011

Loaves and Fishes BBQ, 2011

Loaves and Fishes BBQ, 2012

Loaves and Fishes BBQ, 2013

Loaves and Fishes BBQ, 2015

Loaves and Fishes BBQ, 2016

NSW pipi stock abundance surveys

Rapid pipi survey, 2011

Rapid pipi survey, 2012

South Australia SeaNet

Prawn Trawl

Gulf St. Vincent – Prawn bycatch research, 2010

Gulf St. Vincent – Prawn bycatch research, 2011

Marine Scalefish Fishery

Inshore Net Fishing, 2010

Blue Swimmer Crab, South Australia

Victoria SeaNet

Haul Seine

Haul Seining in Corner Inlet, 2012

Western Australia SeaNet

Fishute-Fishing the Historic South Coast Estuarine Fishery WA, 2011


Through SeaNet staff, OceanWatch Australia has made a difference in most of the 135 or so Australian fisheries, and interacted face-to-face with about 7,000 Australian wildcatch fishers and many others in the industry.

Our SeaNet successes include:


OceanWatch Australia has won the following awards for its work:

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