What can we do during our isolation? | Oceanwatch Australia

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across world, events and social gatherings have been put on hold. For now we adapt to a life of isolation, but this does not mean we can’t still do our bit to help our environment, our industries and our community as we all struggle through this difficult time together. Below are a few suggestions of how best to use your time alone:

  • Our industries and businesses are struggling, particularly those that relied on exports, like the seafood industry. When you go out for supplies think locally and buy products that support local industries and businesses to ensure they remain afloat in these trying times.

  • Reach out to those in your community who are more vulnerable, how can you help them get through this crisis. Even helping vulnerable neighbours with shopping can help to reduce their risk of contracting this deadly virus.

  • Raise your virtual voice! Now is the best time to get active on social media, and to keep connected through zoom and Skype. Use this time alone to reach out to the internet community,take part in online courses, spread your message, and stay connected.

  • So far we’ve already seen how the isolation of people across the world has lead to major improvements in air and water quality in many countries. We can use this time to reflect on how our daily movements impact the ecosystems around us, we now have the time to think about ways we can reduce our footprint once normal life returns.

  • Take time to look after yourself, isolation is hard, it’s a mental challenge, so keep occupied and keep connected and together we can get through this.

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