NSW Trawl Fishers endorse seabird friendly fishing practices | Oceanwatch Australia

NSW Trawl Fishers endorse seabird friendly fishing practices


Research has shown the NSW Ocean Trawl Fishery has minimal interactions with seabirds (read more here). To ensure the fishery remains seabird friendly into the future, NSW trawl fishers have worked with OceanWatch Australia and NSW DPI Fisheries to develop seabird management plans for individual vessels that describe a range of operational and physical measures to prevent interactions.

The voluntary adoption of these measures by fishers demonstrates that with collaboration between fishers, scientist and decision makers, simple practical solutions can be implemented to ensure fisheries are sustainably managed.

This work was funded by the NSW Government’s 10-year Marine Estate Management Strategy.

This collaboration demonstrates that OceanWatch Master Fisherman are continuing to raise the standard of responsible fishing in Australia. The OceanWatch Master Fisherman program is formal training and assessment for professional fishers, helping to demonstrate commitment to responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Find out more here.

The NSW Government’s 10-year Marine Estate Management Strategy supports Seafood industry training.

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