Buying Seafood | Oceanwatch Australia

What to look for when buying seafood

When purchasing whole fish:

  • Bright and lustrous skin or scales

  • Firm flesh that springs back when touched

  • Bright pink-red gills

  • Pleasant fresh sea smell.

When purchasing fillets and cutlets:

  • Bright, lustrous and firm flesh

  • Any dark muscle should be pink-red in colour

  • Pleasant fresh sea smell

  • No discolouration, gaping or bruising.

When purchasing crustaceans and molluscs:

  • Brightly coloured, lustrous shells or flesh

  • Firm, intact shells, heads, tentacles or flesh

  • Shells closed or close when tapped or gently squeezed

  • Pleasant fresh sea smell

  • No discolouration, particularly at joints.

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