Safety and Sea Survival | Oceanwatch Australia

With so many containers lost at sea in NSW, and the high risk of fishing vessels hooking the debris in the course of operations, safety training of fishers emerged as a high priority for NSW Professional Fishers’ Association in 2019.

The PFA secured funding from the shipping container vessel YM Efficiency’s insurer Aus Ship for safety training. The PFA contracted OceanWatch Australia to adapt practical ‘in-water’ sea survival training used by the yachting industry for the impacted professional fishers.
Three practical ‘in-water’ training events occurred in September 2019 in Sydney and Newcastle with 19 professional offshore fishers participating. Participating fishers reported a marked increase in safety awareness, and a valuable increase in skills and practical understanding of what they need to do to abandon ship. The fishers, appreciated OceanWatch’s practical ‘in-water’ approach to training, over the traditional classroom/book or online approach.
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