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Culvert Research and Development Initiative

The Culvert Research & Development Initiative was an outcome-focused endeavour that sought to resolve the key issues associated with fish passage restrictions at culvert crossings.

The core vision of the Culvert Research & Development Initiative was to develop:
'A series of standard fish passage designs and systems for culverts, based on quality science, that maintain and improve natural heritage, and can be widely applied with confidence, aiding a succinct approval process.'
Central to the success of this vision was the delivery of balanced research outcomes, supported by proven field-tested designs that can be applied with confidence across a wide range of habitats, operating conditions and culvert configurations; improving the long-term sustainability of both our catchment systems and valuable fisheries resources contained therein.
In the absence of such designs fish migration upstream through culverts becomes very difficult, see below just how difficult it can be.
OceanWatch was the 2016/17 secretariat of the group that meets as required to progress research and application.
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A series of experimental box culverts that allow fish to travel between water sources

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