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Marine Pests

OceanWatch Australia has developed an Australian Marine Pests - Educational Resources Database, a searchable archive of existing materials on marine pest education and awareness.

Introduced marine pests are species moved to an area outside their natural range, generally by human activities, which may threaten the environment, human health or economic values of marine areas. Marine pests may be introduced to Australian waters and moved around by a variety of means; including ballast water discharge, biofouling on hulls and inside internal seawater pipes of commercial shipping, commercial and recreational fishing vessels, aquaculture operations, aquarium imports, as well as marine debris and ocean currents.
This initiative is part of the Australian Government's Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, the government's plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.
If you have developed or are a custodian of Australian marine pest awareness or educational materials or need to make amendments to existing details, we would appreciate your input. Please contact


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