OceanWatch is tackling litter in NSW estuaries by piloting a litter prevention program, and developing a Litter Prevention Strategy for NSW estuaries.

OceanWatch is increasingly aware of the prevalence of litter in our state’s estuaries that threatens the health and productivity of crucial habitats. As such we have recognised a need to help combat litter in our estuarine ecosystems. The Litter Free Estuaries program is piloting a litter prevention project in the Brisbane Water estuary. OceanWatch is working closely with the Central Coast Council to target litter hotspots along the estuary foreshore and implement effective measures to prevent littering.
This pilot will inform the development of a Litter Prevention Strategy aimed at reducing litter in estuary hotspots by 50%. OceanWatch will use this strategy to inform and train key stakeholders (community, water users, council) surrounding NSW estuaries, to ensure the uptake of litter prevention across the state’s estuaries. This program will encourage those involved to take ownership of local litter issues and be leaders in litter prevention.
This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority, Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.
Litter Free estuaries
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