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2 years later plastic wrapped vegetables line the shelves

Everyone has been in the situation at the supermarket where they see a totally un-necessary form of plastic packaging. Maybe you caught a glimpse of avocados and bananas wrapped in plastic or cookies individually wrapped inside of a plastic package. The companies say they give consumers what the want but is the blame for this excessive packaging really our fault?

Australian supermarkets are prime examples of overusing plastic, including wrapping everything from corn to ginger in plastic packaging. Coles and Woolworths are using plastic packaging on many products, despite single-use bags being available at the checkout. Two years ago over 100,000 signatures were delivered to Coles and Woolworths so the two supermarket chains were left in no doubt that plastic wrap is unpopular with their customers.

The result

Unfortunately, two years after this petition was delivered, you walk into their shops and still see shelves and shelves of herbs, vegetables and fruit wrapped in plastic.

As most of you will know, both supermarkets have said they are investigating alternatives to plastic for their packaging, and both tell us that they are using ‘recyclable’ plastic.


To keep plastic wrapping on the agenda, share this petition, take photos of unnecessary plastic wrapping, and share on Coles’ and Woolworths’ social media sites, and stop buying products wrapped in plastic. If they’re not going to make money from it, they won’t supply it.

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