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Environmental Management Systems

The EMS (Environmental Management System) process, is a program in which oyster farmers undertake a risk assessment to identify hazards affecting both the water quality and the growth of their oyster farm produce.

OceanWatch was responsible for securing and funding these EMS programs, helping farmers develop action plans to address high-risk activities impacting on sustainability.
Some of the environmental improvements implemented by farmers involved with EMS include:
  • Upgrading old oyster growing infrastructure and equipment to more environmentally friendly technologies and recycling or disposing of old toxic treated and tarred materials that affected water quality.
  • Decreasing boat speeds around farm areas, preventing excess wash from causing erosion on embankments
  • Fenced off bank areas preventing livestock from reaching the edge causing erosion and polluting waterways
  • Minimising occurrence of raw sewage pollution in order to maintain/improve water quality.
  • Managing unsealed roads in the catchment to reduce run-off and sedimentation of the waterways.


Click on the documents within the EMS database below to view EMS from individual estuaries:

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