The OceanWatch Master Fisherman program is formal training and assessment for professional fishers, helping to demonstrate commitment to responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Recognised OceanWatch Master Fishermen are continuing to raise the standard of responsible fishing in Australia. They are committed to ensuring their individual fishing practices go above and beyond the requirements prescribed by state, national and international regulations. More than 135 professional fisherman across NSW have participated in the program.

The OceanWatch Master Fisherman program is designed to:

  • Improve and recognise the knowledge, skills, experience and professionalism of participating fishermen for better community and environmental outcomes
  • Promote the sustainability of our fresh, local seafood
  • Provide information to consumers to help them value locally produced seafood
The OceanWatch Master Fisherman program was developed as a direct response to identified New South Wales fishing industry priorities of improving people development skills and improving industry’s profile amongst the community.
The program is overseen by NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee, and supported by groups including the Master Fish Merchants Association of Australia, Professional Fisherman’s Association, NSW DPI Fisheries, NSW Co-operative’s Association and the Sydney Fish Market.
Under our WetFEET program Master Fisherman is now being expanded to South Australian Fishers. The expansion of this program is supported by OceanWatch Australia, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.
OceanWatch has developed a the Master Fisherman website, where you can find Master Fisherman Profiles, fishing methods, and the Master Fisherman Seafood Directory so that you can find fresh, local seafood that has been caught using sustainable best practice techniques.
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