Benthic Litter Prevention Framework | Oceanwatch Australia

Benthic Litter Prevention Framework

The Benthic Litter Framework provides a strategy for navigating benthic litter prevention in estuaries that will be used by OceanWatch Australia and key marine stakeholders in NSW to:
“Reduce the volume of benthic litter in NSW estuaries, encourage its inclusion in NSW litter prevention efforts, and seek collaborations to achieve the NSW litter prevention target of a 60% reduction by 2030.”
The framework addresses the difficulties of surveying benthic litter in estuaries, offering recommendations for monitoring these environments. It identifies key strategies to improve the monitoring of benthic litter, and reduce the volume of litter in benthic habitats. The framework builds upon extensive experience within OceanWatch Australia in the management of litter issues in the marine environment, and is aligned with our vision of Australia’s marine environment being healthy, productive, valued, and used in a responsible way.
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