OceanWatch Australia works with the seafood industry and the community to advance the sustainability of Australia’s seafood.

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Wild Harvest Fisheries

Professional wild harvest fishing is the catching of fish and other seafood from the wild.
Australia’s professional fisheries are managed in way that promotes sustainable access to our seafood resources, providing premium seafood for Australian seafood consumers.

OceanWatch works to foster responsible fishing practices with fishermen working in the Australian Seafood Industry.
We also do work that helps the community to understand how professional fishers bring in the catch.

Seafood provides numerous health benefits and has far less impacts on the environment than most protein production methods that supply human consumption requirements.
Wild caught seafood production does not require artificial feeding, or clearing of land, nor does it require the use of chemicals fertilisers, pesticides or antibiotics.


Professional fishermen use a variety of fishing methods to catch wild harvest seafood species.


Learn more about how professional fishers in Australia catch local seafood for our plates.


Professional fishermen use bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) and strategies to reduce handling, minimise impacts on biodiversity, and to maximise quality.

Learn more about bycatch reduction in Australia’s fisheries.


There are various fisheries management responses that aim to minimise potential impacts on Threatened, Endangered and Protected (TEP) species.

Learn more about fisheries management responses to minimise impacts on TEP species.


Professional fishers in Australia use various measures to minimise any interactions with Threatened, Endangered and Protected (TEP) species.

Learn more about how professional fishers in Australia mitigate TEP species interations.


Australia’s professional fishers harvest a variety of seafood species for the community to enjoy.

Learn more about Australia’s wild caught seafood.


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