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Hoppers in Australian Trawl Fisheries

A Handbook for Fishers

This handbook is primarily a technical handbook for fishers. It is also however, a useful resource for others interested in the environmental management of Australian trawl fisheries.

The Purpose of this Handbook

This Handbook aims to:

  • detail the design, operation and use of hoppers (back deck water tanks/sorting devices) in trawl fisheries across Australia;

  • enable the sharing of industry knowledge on hoppers amongst fishers from all Australian trawl fisheries

  • provide readily accessible information to fishers on the use and application of hoppers

  • facilitate the broader adoption among trawl fisheries of best practice use of hoppers

  • help stimulate the development and uptake of new and suitable hopper designs

  • provide a tool to inform and educate the general community, fisheries and environmental managers about the initiatives developed and adopted by Australian trawl fisheries to reduce the impacts of trawling on the aquatic environment

  • work towards achieving sustainable operating practices and improved economic efficiency.

Information presented in this handbook has been obtained through interviews and discussions with many trawl fishers across Australia, hopper manufacturers and through surveys conducted with fishers, researchers, fishing companies and other industry bodies.

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