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Safety First Fishing

Stay safe when you fish and be aware of hazards

  • Your safety comes first

When fishing from the rocks

  • Check local weather conditions online, for example bom.gov.au

  • Do not fish in areas or at times that are highly exposed to large seas

  • Never fish by yourself

  • Make sure others know where you are fishing and when you plan to return

  • Observe the fishing location for at least a full wave cycle

  • Conditions can change quickly, stay alert and keep your eyes on the ocean

  • Wear light clothing

  • Wear appropriate footwear with non slip soles

  • If you are washed off the rocks, swim away from the rocks and look for a safe place to come ashore or wait for assistance

  • If someone is washed into the water do not jump in, use a rope with a floatation device such as an Angel ring to assist and alert emergency services

  • In the event of an accident, alert emergency services by dialing (000)

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