OceanWatch Australia works with the seafood industry and the community to ensure Australia’s marine environment is healthy, productive, valued and used in a responsible way.

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Many Australians enjoy wetting a line

Getting out on the water in search of a feed or just to relax and enjoy the scenery is an Australian pastime.

The marine environment is a shared resource, and everyone must do their part to look after it for current and future generations.

Responsible recreational fishing practices

OceanWatch encourages fishers to implement responsible recreational fishing practices

Maximise quality of retained fish

  • Dispatch fish quickly if retained for consumption

  • Check out the ikijime website for more information on handling fish for consumption

  • To ensure best quality of retained fish, place fish into an ice slurry (ice and seawater)

  • Bleed fish after dispatching

  • Learn more about how to store seafood

Report Illegal Fishing

  • You can report illegal fishing activity to your State Fisheries Department

Multicultural communities

Many multicultural communities have strong cultural traditions surrounding water, including activities such as rock fishing, fishing from wharves and boats, as well as enjoying their local waterway through boating experiences.

Learn more about keeping our Waterways healthy in different languages.

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