Townsville Saltmarsh Cleanup

A massive cleanup of rubbish from important saltmarsh and mangrove habitats on thesouthern side of the Ross River was undertaken on the 10-15 December 2007. Truckloads of rubbish including whitegoods, greenwaste, mattresses, tyres, car bodies and toxic waste such as oil drums and asbestos were removed.

The saltmarsh and mangrove communities in the area provide important habitats for a range of fauna, including fish species of commercial, recreational and Traditional fishing importance. The rubbish is degrading these productive fish habitats, through leaching of toxic chemicals and plastics washing or blowing into waterways.

The cleanup, which was coordinated through the Tide to Table – Burdekin Dry Tropics project, was undertaken by the Department of Natural Resources and Water and Townsville Port Authority. The cleanup has helped restore some of the important fish habitats in the area.

Other stakeholders, including state agencies and Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM have joined forces and created AFACT, to help prevent further rubbish dumping, through increased signage, surveillance cameras, additional patrols and education.

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