OceanWatch Australia works with the seafood industry and the community to ensure Australia’s marine environment is healthy, productive, valued and used in a responsible way.

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Tide to Table Program

Tide to Table Program Overview (9 min)

Tide to Table Program Overview (3.5 min)

Tide to Table – Sydney

Tide to Table Sydney – Past projects

Botany Bay – Tide to Table 2011

Tide to Table program achievements – celebrating 5 years

Hawkesbury Nepean – Tide to Table 2006-2009

Hawkesbury Nepean – Tide to Table News 2008

Hawkesbury – NSW Oyster Industry Environmental Champion of the Year Awards 2008

Hawkesbury Nepean & Hunter Central Rivers – Restoring fish habitat and improving water quality

Hunter – Tide to Table 2007-2009

Hunter – Commercial fisher workshop Hexham 2008

Hunter – Cessnock dairy effluent management

Hunter River – Connectivity tour flyer

Tide to Table – Queensland

Burdekin Dry Tropics – Tide to Table

Burdekin Tropics – Connectivity tours 2008

Fish passage booklet (PDF 8mb)

Townsville – Fish passage tour ABC radio interview

Burdekin – Healthier habitats for our fish

Burdekin Tropics – Restoring fish habitat 2008

Burdekin – Restoring fish habitat ‘Barramundi, the Aussie icon’

Townsville – Townsville Bulletin 2009 ‘Break down barriers, Call to modify waterways to boost fish stocks’

Townsville saltmarsh cleanup

Burdekin – Where’s your rubbish? flyer

Burnett Mary – Tide to Table

Burnett Mary – onground works 2009-2010

Burnett Mary – onground works 2008

Burnett Mary – community engagement

Burnett Mary – Media coverage

South East Queensland – Tide to Table

Currumbin – Improving creek access and riparian zones

Moreton Bay – Biodiversity and bioswale in college creek corridor

Moreton Bay – Cleanup improves habitat

Moreton Bay – Fish habitat area benefits from riparian vegetation

Moreton Bay – High rainfall, low salinity and rock oysters

Moreton Bay – Monitoring fish habitat areas better management

Problems, solutions and outcomes

Fish Passage – Letting fish get from a to b

Hawkesbury – Oyster industry production

Marine Debris

Parramatta – Saltmarsh re-establishment

Pittwater – Seagrass friendly moorings

Recreational fishers lend a hand to clean up coastline

Sydney – Stormwater controls




‘FRDC recognises the critical importance of extension as an integral part of the R&D function. At the end of the day it is about changing peoples’behaviour,and that’s the essence of Seanet’


‘The Tide to Table program provides an effective vehicle for initiating constructive dialogue between land holders and the seafood industry.The ability of Tide to Table to approach environmental issues from an industry perspective is a key factor contributing to the success of the program.


The Tide to Table has opened up lines of communication between the fishing industry and members of the broader community through education and participation,leading to a better understanding of the environment in which the industry and the rest of the community rely on.

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