OceanWatch Australia works with the seafood industry and the community to ensure Australia’s marine environment is healthy, productive, valued and used in a responsible way.

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Living Shoreline Trial – Shoreline protection & shellfish reef restoration

OceanWatch Australia is helping NSW coastal communities turn old oyster shell into living shorelines in an Australian first.

The multiple benefits these structures can provide once established should enhance the productivity and resilience of the inter tidal shorelines around Australia.

Learn more about the Living Shorelines Program.

To get involved please email: livingshorelines@oceanwatch.org.au


Culvert Research and Development Initiative (CRDI)


The CRDI is a group of volunteer Biologists and Engineers across Australia seeking to resolve some key issues with fish passage restrictions where culvert crossing divide waterways.

Learn more about the CRDI

OceanWatch is the 2016/17 secretariat of the group that meets as required to progress research and application.


To get involved please email: simon@oceanwatch.org.au


TAngler Bin Program

TAngler bins are designed as a practical environmental solution for the recovery of lost recreational fishing line that litters recreational fishing hotspots.

An accompanying education/information campaign aims at encouraging the prevention of fishing litter and associated impacts on wildlife and habitat.

Learn more about the TAngler Program.


To get involved please email: simon@oceanwatch.org.au


Tide to Table

Established in 2004, ‘Tide to Table’ was adopted to reinforce the message that actions on land affect our waterways, in turn affecting the quality of seafood presented on our dinner table.

All marine life needs healthy rivers and estuaries – healthy aquatic habitats and saltmarsh, mangroves and seagrass, to thrive, breed and shelter.

Learn more about the Tide to Table Program.

To get involved please email: simon@oceanwatch.org.au


Loaves and Fishes Barbeque

Loaves and Fishes is a free seafood barbeque which has aimed to build community knowledge, unity and support for sustainable Australian wild harvest fisheries.

Importantly, information is displayed to highlight an industry driven bycatch reduction research initiative and Australia’s world class fisheries management.


Learn more about the Loaves and Fishes Barbeque

Learn more about our seafood industry programs.

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