SeaNet Achievements

SeaNet officers work all over Australia in most of the 135 or so Australian fisheries.

In the last ten years they have worked face to face with about 7,000 Australian wildcatch fishers and many others in the industry. This represents about 40% of all commercial fishers; including 68% who fish in Commonwealth fisheries (ABARE Report).

SeaNet’s 10 years of achievements include:

  • SeaNet Brochure Covermajor reductions in accidental capture and by-catch of marine turtles, seals and sea lions, sea snakes, sea birds, dugong, whales, dolphins and sharks, whilst assisting industry to remain internationally competitive
  • the development and adoption of fishery specific Environmental Management Systems, Codes of Practice and Codes of Conduct in many fisheries around Australia.
  • industry member participation in hands-on workshops and sea trials of new measures and gear as well as cooperatively producing best practice technical guides and handbooks
  • working in partnership with researchers, government agencies and industry associations ‚Äď implementing new policies, regulations, guidelines, improved practices and new technologies (such as the marine pest prevention guidelines)
  • major beach and coastal clean-ups with the collaboration of industry members
  • good working relationships with fishers, industry councils, associations and cooperatives as well as environmental and community groups around Australia,
  • winning national and international awards for ground-breaking work.

SeaNet Achievements Brochure

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