Tide to Table

ceanWatch Australia Tide to Table Mural

The Tide to Table program was established in 2004. The title ‘Tide to Table’ was adopted to reinforce the message that actions on land affect  our waterways and our estuaries, which in turn affects the quality and kind of seafood that is presented on our dinner table.

All marine life needs healthy rivers and estuaries – healthy aquatic habitats and saltmarsh, mangroves and seagrass, to thrive, breed and shelter.  Good quality water is a critical element in fish and shellfish harvest areas for the supply of sustainable oysters, mussels, scallops and other seafood.

The Tide to Table program’s success is due to its ability to involve local farmers and seafood producers, businesses, communities and government agencies in a common cause – to rehabilitate a river system or estuary and improve its water quality, fish and seafood habitat and rebuild the health of the immediate environment.

Tide to Table not only focuses on finding practical ‘on-ground’ solutions to improve water quality and fish habitat, it also seeks – by involving local people  – to change the behaviour and practices which cause these problems in the first place. So far OceanWatch Australia has run 12 successful Tide to Table programs in new South Wales and 5 programs in Queensland. Currently Tide to Table-Queensland is underway.

To view an example of success see a short introduction to our DVD below as well as a 9 minute version.

Introduction to Tide to Table (full version)

Introduction to Tide to Table (full version)

Introduction to Tide to Table (30 seconds)

Introduction to Tide to Table (30 seconds)

Other elements of the Tide to Table program include:

  • Mounting educational displays  targeted at seafood consumers and non-English speaking visitors to the Sydney Fish Market,
  • Running connectivity tours for groups learning about the catchment, water quality and other factors that affect seafood habitat and production
  • Holding skills workshops for local government staff and other groups
  • Creating displays and signage which highlight how catchment land use affects downstream users, particularly the local seafood industry.
  • Production of an education video  based on successful Tide to Table programs

Tide to Table Programs

For information on our Tide to Table projects and the successes follow the links below.

The Tide to Table Queensland program is made possible by a grant from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.

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