Seafood Industry Partnerships in Schools

SIPS is an educational program with a difference. SIPS offers Australian school students of all ages an ‘up close and personal’ look at life in the seafood industry, while giving those who work in the industry the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion with the next generation.

SIPS is funded by the Fisheries Research Development Corporation on behalf of the Australian Government. It currently operates in NSW and Tasmania, with a view to expansion into other states in the future.

What does SIPS offer?

SIPS is provided free of charge to all primary and secondary students in NSW and Tasmania. The program is aligned to the Australian curriculum and caters to different stages of learning. An important feature of SIPS is that it offers ‘real-life’ learning, demonstrating to students how knowledge they learn in the classroom (e.g. in Science or Geography) can be applied in an everyday working context.

What does SIPS involve?

School groups who sign up for SIPS are partnered with a seafood industry worker, such as a commercial fisherman or an oyster farmer. Partnerships can be tailored to suit different needs and interests, and may include classroom visits, excursions (e.g. to a wharf, aquaculture facility, seafood processing facility or seafood business) and ongoing contact between partners via email, sms, social media, or other technology.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about SIPS, please contact the OceanWatch head office on (02) 9660 2262

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