NSW Oyster EMS 

The future of the oyster industry depends on the capacity to demonstrate that natural resources and the environment in which we work, are utilised in a sustainable, responsible way. One way of doing this is to develop an Environmental Management System to demonstrate how impacts and risks are managed.

Of 32 oyster producing estuaries in NSW, 16 are committed to an estuary-wide Environmental Management System (EMS). With 50% of the NSW oyster industry currently engaged in the process, it is anticipated that many of the remaining estuaries will look to managing risk through an EMS in the near future.

An “Environmental Management System (EMS)” is a process that you put in place to identify and manage environmental impacts, risks and opportunities that affect your business.

OceanWatch Australia (in partnership with the NSW Farmers Association) and Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority have respectively received $400,000 and $240,000 through the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program to develop, review and implement Environmental Management Systems for the NSW oyster industry.

Participation in an Environmental Management System is voluntary, however engaging in the process offers significant benefits, including the opportunity to:

  • document farmers current stewardship of the environment and aspirations
  • identify realistic and achievable environmental improvements
  • identify external water quality concerns and engage with landholders
  • increase profits by identifying business development opportunities
  • increase exposure to, and prospects of receiving grants

To gain maximum benefit from the process, an estuary-wide EMS is the most effective and efficient approach. For the oyster industry, this means engaging with as many oyster farmers in the catchment as possible. Incentives are available on a competitive basis.

For more information, and to express your interest in participating in Oyster EMS please contact:






Andy Myers
NSW Oyster EMS Officer
E: andy@oceanwatch.org.au
M: 0488656366
P: 02 96602262

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