OceanWatch Master Fisherman


In 2013, OceanWatch Australia commenced a project titled ‘ Professionalising Industry – NSW Pilot’. Through this project, fishers are being trained and assessed in environmental best-practice and responsible fishing. Successful participants in the training program, who have also completed maritime and food safety training, are recognised as an¬†OceanWatch Master Fisherman.


The OceanWatch Master Fisherman training program recognises and identifies NSW fishers who have extensive experience and skills, and who responsibly harvest a sustainable, local resource


Consumers can access web-based information at the point of sale, demonstrating that trained fishers adhere to international guidelines on best-practice, and are ethically and environmentally responsible and professional. This information is accessed using QR (Quick Response) codes as shortcuts to online information.


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This project has been developed as a direct response to the NSW fishing industry research and development priorities of people development and improvement of industry’s profile in the community.


The project is funded by the FRDC, and supported by the Professional Fishermen’s Association, NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Fishermen’s Cooperatives Association, Sydney Fish Market, NSW Fishing Industry Training Committee and the Master Fish Merchants Association of Australia.