Our Valuable Estuaries, Coasts and Marine Environs - Making Connections

Teaching Resource for Year 10

Our Valuable Estuaries Resources

Our Valuable Estuaries – Coasts and Marine Environs – Making Connections: Environmental Trust Case Study

NEW OceanWatch Australia’s Year 10 Geography Resource

OceanWatch Australia has just released its latest addition to the Our Valuable Estuaries suite of resources, the Year 10 Geography Resource. Click here for more details.

Our Valuable Estuaries

Teaching Resource for Primary Schools

Educational CD Rom – Primary Schools Resource

Teaching kids about where healthy seafood comes from and how to maintain a healthy catchment is the aim of OceanWatch Australia’s latest project “Our Valuable Estuaries”.

OceanWatch Australia, supported by the Myer Foundation and the NSW Department of Primary Industries has produced this innovative interactive environmental education resource to help primary school teachers and students learn about the importance of healthy catchments for healthy and productive estuaries and fisheries, and how to keep these environments healthy (focusing the NSW Human Society and It’s Environment Syllabus).

“Our Valuable Estuaries” was distributed to all public primary schools in coastal catchments of NSW and has been exceptionally well received by teachers, students and environmental education specialists. OceanWatch Australia has received considerable interest in the CD from other States particularly Vic and SA, and is currently seeking sponsorship to adapt and distribute the resource nationally.

For more information or to order a copy, please contact OceanWatch Australia on (61) 2 9660 2262.

Our Valuable Estuaries Poster

“A Vision for Sustainable Coastal Floodplains” Poster

The poster depicts key natural values and human activities occurring within coastal catchments. It also outlines how these activities can be appropriately managed so to minimise their impact on the receiving aquatic environment and the fisheries that these aquatic environments sustain.

The poster was the inspiration for the Educational CD Rom above. It was funded by the Natural Heritage Trust and National Landcare Program.

A Vision for Sustainable Coastal Floodplains Poster

A Vision for Sustainable Coastal Floodplains Poster

For more information or to order a hardcopy, please contact OceanWatch Australia on (61) 2 9660 2262. The poster can be downloaded as a PDF from here.