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Our Valuable Estuaries

Teaching kids about where healthy seafood comes from and how to maintain a healthy catchment is the aim of OceanWatch Australia’s “Our Valuable Estuaries” project. The Our valuable estuaries project – supported by the Myer Foundation and the NSW Department of Primary Industries -includes an interactive environmental education resource to help primary school teachers and students learn about the importance of healthy catchments for healthy and productive estuaries and fisheries, and how to keep these environments healthy.

Rivers and estuaries are very important places. The project materials below show how different ways we use the land and rivers can have a very important effect on our rivers and estuaries. . The materials also provide information on how we can better use land and water and restore the health of rivers and estuaries.

Find out more about where healthy seafood comes from and how to maintain a healthy catchment.

Our Valuable Estuaries

Teaching Resource for Primary Schools. Click here for more details.

Our Valuable Estuaries, Coasts and Marine Environs – Making Connections, OceanWatch Australia’s Year 10 Geography Resource

This is the latest edition of Our Valuable Estuaries suite as a Year-10 Geography Resource. Click here for more details.

“A Vision for Sustainable Coastal Floodplains” Poster

"A Vision for Sustainable Coastal Floodplains" Poster

The poster shows how activities in coastal floodplains affect water quality and fish habitat. For more information or to order a copy, please contact OceanWatch Australia on (61) 2 9660 2262.

World Wetlands Day 2007 – Fish for tomorrow? leaflet that explains what are the key issues.